Many months ago I was sent this link to a little two-minute blurb on Amazon’s website for Daniel Pink’s book, “Drive”, and it spoke to me! I decided that it mattered to me what my “sentence” was. And I began to think about that sentence and what it meant to me and to my world… I started thinking and drafting (to get the words just right) but, surprisingly, it didn’t take much time because… my sentence found me…

“She helped people all over the world feel better about themselves.”

What’s your sentence?

I believe that what happened in Maine happened because people just don’t get it. I believe that fear and ignorance are NOT a more powerful force in our society than love. I believe that, as Rick says, “they are only human! They don’t ‘get it'” and that the fearful and the ignorant need our compassion.   We need to remember that society is slow to move forward, we will sometimes swell and we will sometimes recede on our path to greater love in this country.

“Promise me you will always remember: you are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”  [ Christopher Robin to Pooh ]